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Bai Black

Bai black in salt lake city

To start 2017 Bai decided to test launch it's new line of soda flavors in Salt Lake City Utah. The following is a collection of Out of Home and Digital Assets that were created around the core brand messaging that Bai Black are: Classic Soda Flavors. EvolvedBai Black uses traditional soda flavors like cola and sassafras flavored root beer, but only have 5 calories, 0 sugar, and no artificial ingredients. 

Campaign Metrics:

62% of Salt Lake City Harmons (local grocery) and 23% of Salt Lake City Targets are selling 100+ units per week. Bai wanted to earn sales of 100+ units per store in 20% of a chain’s locations. Bai Black achieved this metric in just 3 weeks.


Out of home signage

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Inspired by tradition. Kind of.

All of the headline copy is meant to invoke the transformation that classic soda flavors have undergone to bring them into a health conscious 21st century. 


Digital Assests 

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