Because amateur superhero, nap technician, and professional rollercoaster tycoon didn't pan out I decided to pursue a career in copywriting. Or as I would refer to it, should I ever attend a fancy dinner party, Professional Wordsmith. 

Specializing in digital marketing and brand building I help companies get their message out clearly and concisely. I've worked with entrepreneurs, to the fortune 500, to help deliver digital in new and creative ways.

Because of sheer coincidence, or possible dumb luck, I happen to be a millennial, which does in fact mean I speak fluent young person. At least for the next few years. 

Majored in Communication Studies with minors in Business & Psychology at Northeastern University. 



Senior Copywriter

September 2016- Present

John Hancock Investments


June 2015- August 2015

Verizon Enterprise Services

Copywriter and Marketing Manager

February 2016- June 2016

McCann New York

Copywriting Intern

June 2015- August 2015

Sallie Mae & Upromise by Sallie Mae


July 2014- January 2015

College Media Networks

Senior Marketing Manager

August 2013- December 2013

LCG Brands

Copywriter/Outreach Coordinator

July 2013-August 2013

Course Hero

Campus Marketing Manager

September 2012- March 2013

Headzz Up Hair Salon

Marketing Associate

September 2010-March 2012


Trevor O'Brien Jones